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4 axis foam cnc router price for sale

  • Product Item: 4 axis foam cnc rout
  • Category: CNC Router
  • 4 axis foam cnc router price for sale
  • 4 axis foam cnc router
  • 4 axis foam cnc router for sale
  • 4 axis foam cnc router
  • Product Manual:4 axis foam cnc router is used for cutting foam, pvc, acrylic, the CNC foam cutter can also work on soft material, especially for aluminum and bronze thanks to its mechanical spindle and strong machin

    4 axis foam cnc router price for sale

    3d foam ccn router are Shanghai weihong-controlled machines designed for tooling such materials as foam, wood, plastic etc.


    Product name

    4 axis foam cnc router price for sale

    Working size



    X/Y axis with rack,Z axis with ball screw

    Guide rail

    Taiwan PMI square guide rail and sliding block

    Working table

    Aluminum T-slot

    Spindle power

    7.5 KW water-cooling spindle

    ATC type

    Disc type ATC

    Max spindle power


    Max speed


    Max working speed


    Working precision


    Re position precision


    Driver motor

    YASKAWA Servo Motor



    Operation system

    Shanghai weihong system


    Tool kit


    French Schneider Electric

    Design software

    Artcam software

    Command code

    G cord*.u00*.mmg*plt, HPGL

    PS:All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.

    1, The 1325 4 axis foam cnc router is particularly suitable for automotive foam mold, wooden ship model, wooden model aviation, trains and other wooden mold.

    2, We use top-quality four-row imported ball bearing, wide linear lead rail and self-lubricating block for the machine. It can balance the force in all directions to ensure the machine’s accuracy and strength when engraving.

    3, The route of Z axis can be heightened to 1000mm, so it is suitable for processing large-scale and super-thick material.

    4, The design documents of intelligent processing cross-border protection can prevent the excessive process caused by mechanical impact.

    5, The diversified processing speed can be controlled separately. The speed of idle running and roll setting improve the quality of processed products and processing efficiency greatly.

    The samples of foam cnc router

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