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Automatic Channel letter cnc bending machine for aluminum, stainless steel

  • Product Item: INB8150
  • Category: Channel letter CNC bending Machine
  • Automatic Channel letter cnc bending machine
  • Channel letter cnc bending machine
  • Channel letter cnc bending machine
  • channel letter cnc bender
  • Product Manual:Automatic Channel letter cnc bending machine

    Automatic Channel letter cnc bending machine for aluminum, stainless steel  

    channel letter cnc bending machinechannel letter cnc bending machine

    1.  Brief Introduction:
    Automatic CNC channle bending machine, (also called CNC letter bending machine or character bending machine) is a new advertising production equipment, which can be used for logos, signs, neon signs, billboards, light boxes production, outdoor advertising and other advertising production.

     2. Applied Materials:

    Aluminum strip , iron, galvanized steel ect.

     3. Specification of INB120/180 cnc bending machine

    1, operating platform aluminum bracket, durable, long time deformation will not collapse.

    2, the original SMC pressure relay (industry-exclusive), to ensure stability.

    3, Built-in independent fan box to prevent metal scrap into the electrical parts have hidden dangers; the back of the electrical box can be opened for easy maintenance.

    4,6 cylinders imported SMC, to ensure stability.

    5, five solenoid valves, a gas-water separator imported SMC brand (industry-exclusive), to ensure stability.

    6, sensor genuine original Omron.

    7, the whole surface of the nickel plating process to achieve the longest time rust (the industry's only).

    8, two 750 W Taiwan Delta servo motor, a hybrid servo a stepper motor, (120A models); 120B section of the whole servo motor.

    9, guide screw genuine Taiwan silver brand.

    10, reducer Taiwan Gimpo brand.

    11, Bent bearing authentic German FAG brand (industry-exclusive), to ensure durability.

    12, casters authentic South Korea Fortune casters, durable, good overall stability.

    13, external computer power switch, external USB socket, (industry-exclusive).

    14, bend with independent observation window for future oiling maintenance (industry-exclusive).

    15, the power inlet filter installed (industry-exclusive).

    16, waste tank through the bottom, easy to clean.

    17, the computer bracket for the whole aluminum, nice, high stability.

    18, cutting tools for the planer knife and knife two, free to change to use.

    19, IN-120B models, double robotic reciprocating feed power for the upper and lower screw drive, strong and durable power stability.

    20, the original Schneider sucker.

    2.Technical Parameters:






    Control Type:

    PC Control TypeFor Bending Aluminum Only

    PC Control TypeFor Bending All SS,CS,MS,Al

    Auto Bending & Auto Cutting

    LCD Touch Screen Control Type

    Bending Material:

    Only used to bendAluminum

    Can bend all kinds of Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanize Plate, Aluminum, Iron, etc.....

    Max. Processed Thickness:

    Only Aluminum:

    0.5-1.5 mm

    Aluminum: 0.5 - 1.5 mm
    Stainless steel: 0.5 -1.0 mm

    (or customized up to 0.5-1.5mm for SS)
    Carbon Steel: 0.5 – 1.2 mm
    Mild Steel: 0.5-1.2mm

    Galvanize Plate: 0.5-1.2 mm
    Iron Steel: 0.5-1.2 mm

    Max. Processed Width:

    <180 mm

    <150 mm




    1740*760*1450 mm


    400 kgs

    Import File Format


    Export File Format


    Feed speed:

    5-20 Meter / Min


    0.05 mm


    Machine only used to bend Aluminum Strip.

    Machine used to bend All SS, CS, MS, Aluminum, Galvanize Plate.

    This model has the function of Automatic Cutting The Letter after finishing bending.

    Adopt advanced LCD Touching Screen to control.

    Computer system and computer screen is not included in Price.


    No need PC system, Simple and compact.


    4.Detailed Product Description

    1. The auto bending machine is special for Channel Letter Fabrications.

    2. It can fully meet your needs by computer control and program processing.

    3. With both notching function and bending function intergrated, it can realize processing in one step,totally in replace of the tranditional fabrication, especially for high-volume, mass and standardized production .

    4. Both the notching function and bending function not only can be used at the same time and also seperated used.

    5. For the notching function, it applies the most advanced tipped saw with diamond coating, aluminum sheet use

    6. it is equipped with the infinitely variable speed spindle to precisely guarantee the cutting quality without any deformation and hardening .

    7. For the bending function, it applies flexible bending means to make the curve more smooth and beautiful.

    8. The processed products can perfectly match the craft of engraving .laser and cutting machines to make your perfect fabrication come true.

    5.Package and delivery 

    channel letter cnc bending machine



    6. welcome to our INDEXCNC factory

    channel letter cnc bending machinechannel letter cnc bending machine


    1- Can I bend 130 width material? 
    Yes,our standard YN-VA130 can bend max 130mm,if more we will customize for you.
    2- How is your delivery  time ?
    Usually it takes 8 days after your deposit,for stardard model we have in stock.if you need urgent,
    can arrange delivery quickly.
    3- What about after-sale service?
    We have detail English manual can guide you to run machine,if any doubt,our enginner will use Teamview to
    control your software on your computer,meanwhile chat with you on skype.
    4- I want to see your machine,where is your factory?
    Our factory is located in Weifang City,Shandong Province. you can take flight to Weifang Airport.we can pick you up there.




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