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1000watt 3000watt fiber laser cutting machine sheet metal with rotary device for stainless steel

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  • Product Manual:1000watt 3000watt fiber laser cutting machine sheet metal with rotary device for stainless steel

    1000watt 3000watt fiber laser cutting machine sheet metal with rotary device for stainless steel

    Applicable Materials

    Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet and other metal pipes and tubes

    Applicable Industry

    Industrial pipeline processing, explosion-proof equipment, military industry, chemical industry, oil exploration, lamps and lanterns, metal processing, ironware, building, etc.


    • 1. High-performance German IGP 500 watt laser device from German has photovoltaic conversion rate higher than 24%.
    • 2. Auto focusing laser cutting head (cutting head with metal sensor) has high sensitivity and good stability.
    • 3. Power supply controlled by control cabinet, touch screen operation system, easy to operate.
    • 4. Japanese Panasonic OR Germany Schneider servo motors and drivers to improve the cutting speed and stability.
    • 5.The combine of high precision ball screws drive system and advanced feed system.
    • 6. High power and big refrigerating capacity water chiller.
    • 7 German IGP original Fiber laser system
    • 8.High precision belt module structure, precision can be as high as 0.01mm
    • 9. High precision laser cutting control system
    • 10. Independent control handle
    • 11. Low shipping cost, low maintenance cost, easy to operate. fiber transmission, no need to adjust the laser path.
    • 12.Good quality laser beam, fast cutting speed, stable performance

    Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Advantages

    • 1.High precision in cutting. Excellent in stability.

      Adopting the high precision ball screw in transmission system. The optimized CNC control system, which can meet the processing demand in high precision accessory. The motation system is excellent , that suit for the long hours constantly working. Laser cutter machine AL-3015C/500W copper fiber laser cutter
    • 2.High quality in cutting edge

      The cutting head system with high sensitivity and stability. The cutting head moving with the variation of the plate. The cut-off point position will remain unchanged. The kerf is flat and smooth enough no need to handle it again. Meanwhile, the machine can be use to cut both of the flat materials and curving materials .
    • 3.Cutting large format and suitable for cutting more material.

      The machine can cut metal sheet within the thickness of 6mm and not larger than the size of 1250mm x 2500mm. The applicable materials include: ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, etc.
    • 4.With drawer to collect the garbage, easy to change the gas valve. High performance-price ratio

    • 5.Low cost for using

    • 6.Higher cutting speed and efficiency

    • 7.Low fees for the future maintain:

      This laser machine is with simple structure, easy to operate with high stability. Laser cutter machine AL-3015C/500W copper fiber laser cutter

    Technology parameters:



    Laser power


    laser model


    Working size






    Max cutting thickness


    geometric positioning accurancy

    < ± 0.02mm/m

    orientation accurancy

    < ± 0.02mm





    Samples from fiber laser cutting machine:

    Video of IndexCNC 1000w Fiber laser cutting machine

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