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Jinan indexcnc machinery co.,ltd

Laser Customer Project

Laser Cut Plastic

INDEXCNC laser cut almost any imaginable 2d object from sheets of plastic. There are many types of colours, textures and laser cut plastic results. Creative thinking will produce amazing home and commercial laser cut artistic features. Call us for more information


Laser Cut Plastic Craft

laser cut acrylic

Laser Engraving Wood  |  Laser Etching Wood

Photograph engraving and images or designs engraved. We can take most photographs and designs and laser them

into all types of wood.  Below is just a small sample of possibilities.

laser cut wood

Laser Cut Wood Letters | Laser Cutting Wood Objects

INDEXCNC can laser cut wood letters and objects up to 25mm thick. Index CNC have INJ6090, INJ1390,INJ1610,INJ1325 etc.

Repeated laser cut patterns can be easily achieved.

laser cut wood letter

Laser Cut Wood Furniture

Laser cut furniture is an excellent production run product. Have your furniture design come to life with our laser cutting production runs.

laser cut wood furniture

Laser Cut Wood Toys

laser cut wood tools

Laser Engraved Signs |  Laser Engraved and Etched Plaques

Laser engraved metal, wood and plastics are great fro signs and wall plaques.

laser engrave signs

Laser Engraving Plastic

Laser engraving plastic is an easy laser process. Call us to discuss your project.INDEX CNC  Laser engrave all types of plastics, most commonly acrylic due to its low cost.

laser engrave acrylic

Laser Engraving Glass | Laser Engraved & Etched Glass| Adelaide

Laser engraving glass can be very easy and also quite hard. Depending on the final effect required. INDEX CNC may use a number of processes to arrive at the final result. To laser engrave a photo simply requires a good quality photo, to laser etch can require additional artwork. LASER ENGRAVE GLASS PHOTO

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