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2030 Professional Italy 9.0KW 3D air cooled spindle furniture making wood kitchen cabinet door flat ATC cnc router

  • Product Item: INM2030-ATC
  • Category: ATC CNC Router
  • ATC cnc router
  • cnc router machine with auto tool changer:
  • atc spindle
  • 3d cnc router
  • Product Manual:ATC CNC Router with Automatic Tool Changer Spindle is used for 2D/3D carving and cutting for woodworking, advertising, mold making and woodcrafts. Now the ATC CNC router for sale with cost price


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    Main Features of cnc router machine with auto tool changer:

    ♦  It is widely used for production of cabinet door, solid wooden door, computer desk, assembling furniture      and large area and mass engraving on MDF and HDF, wood board, plane cutting,3D embossment and so      on.
    ♦  Configured with imported tool magazine of 8 tools the machine can change tools speedy and freely.
    ♦  Tool sensor enables the machine compensate the tolerance of the tool length.
    ♦  Vacuum working table with double cavities and Bakelite material with high absorption power.
    ♦  Imported control system, separated keyboard control, color LCD display add No.25 high accuracy square     linear guide rail and rack from Taiwan .

    Technical Parameters of cnc router machine with auto tool changer:

    Working Area: 2000*3000*250mm
    Spindle Type: water cooling spindle
    Spindle Power: 9.0KW Chinese ATC
    Spindle Rotating Speed: 0-24000rpm
    Power (except spindle power): 5.8KW (include powers of: motors, drivers, inverters and so on)
    Power Supply: AC380/220v±10,  50 HZ
    Worktable: Vacuum Table and T-slot
    Driving Syestm: Japanses Yaskawa servo motors and drivers
    Transmission: X,Y :Gear rack, high accuracy square guide rail,
    Z: ball screw TBI and hiwin square guide rail
    Locating precision: <0.01mm
    Min Shaping Character: Character:2x2mm,letter:1x1mm
    Operating Temperature: 5°C-40°C
    Working Humidity: 30%-75%(without condensed water)
    Working Precision: ±0.03mm
    System Resolution: ±0.001mm
    Control Configuration: Syntec 6MA controller
    Data Transfer Interface: USB
    System Environment: Windows 7/8/10
    Spindle Cooling Way: Water cooling
    Inverter: Delta inverter
    Limited Switch: High sensitivity limited switches
    Graphic Format Supported: G code: *.u00, * mmg, * plt, *.nc
    Compatible Software: ARTCAM, UCANCAM ,Type3 and other CAD or CAM softwares….
    Cutting Thickness: 0-40mm also (depends on different material)
    Z Tool Censor: yes
    Packing: Plywood case (veneer wood case for export)

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